NightLunya de Touhou-Online viene a presentarse

Recibe una acogida y probablemente gélida presentación al Santuario Shinto. Zona para Bienvenidas y tal vez Despedidas.
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NightLunya de Touhou-Online viene a presentarse

Mensaje por NightLunya » Jue Mar 22, 2018 1:18 am

(Español: abajo)

Greetings !
I am NightLunya, global administrator and founder of Touhou-Online.
I am also at the head of HakureiCon and Touhou Patch Center.

I'm presenting myself to introducte who I am, first to meet the members of your community of course, but also because we are in partnership with Bunbunmaru Foros since a long time. As I heard the forum have been rebuilt, I'm presenting myself again (and boi.... my old presentation is very old now)

My main role on Touhou-Online is to supervise and maintain the site and the community. I am the top-manager and and leader of it. I make sure to outline my community and its projects. I also manage the association (NPO), which I take care of its treasury, extended projects such as HakureiCon or ThPatch, as well as the representation of the community in conventions, festivities or put in relation with other entities.

If you have any questions, please contact me by private message or ask them in this presentation.

I introduce myself. Here is my profile in outline.

My name is Xavier in life, but I am often called by my own nickname.

My username is NightLunya. Composed of "Night" which means... "Night", and "Lunya" comes from a stylized deformation of "Luna". All because I like the full moon.

I am a young man of 25 years old.

I am graduated as a computer technician and digital image, and a partial certification in webmaster oriented design. With that, I am quite self taught and learn a lot from myself. And since 6 years now, I manage Touhou-Online. I also manage Touhou Patch Center, and the HakureiCon project.
Apart from Touhou-Online, I work in IT in computer parks, network or computer troubleshooting.

I am located in Belgium, in the french part of the country.

Before having founded Touhou-Online, I founded 2 communities on WarRock and Ogame, which have since dissolved. I also had a little "modding" when I touched the sound effects, and that's how I started to learn the web dev world.

Overall, me and Touhou .... how is

My passion for Touhou Project began around October 2010. It was during my navigation on YouTube that I came across a mysterious video called "McRoll". I was experimenting with an anti-voice filter, so by coincidence I could listen to the music with the muffled voices. Being interested in music, I looked in the comments, and then learned about what I thought at the time, a Japanese music band.

A few minutes later, I was watching a replay of the Touhou Extra Stage 6 ~ Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, with the theme "UN Owen was Her" and Flandre Scarlet as a character, whose charm I quickly appreciated (before learning more about her). I learned about the internet and the next day I downloaded the games.

I was very inspired by this game and it allowed me to give me a hand for my graduation work. So I registered first on a French-speaking forum that I will not mention. After some conflicts on this said forum, I decided to create my own site, Touhou-Online, and subsequently to merge some old micro-communities to launch the site. And so began the great adventure!

I played a lot at the time, especially on Touhou 6, 7 and 8 ... at the time I managed to finish Touhou 6 in 1 credit continue in normal difficulty. But since then, I play only exceptionally. I especially enjoy Touhou Project with its history, its universe, its inspiration in Japanese folklore, its diversity of characters, and especially its music.

My favorite characters are Tenshi Hinanawi (I like her personality a little special and very much her outfit), Marisa Kirisame (same, I like her outfit and her soaked personality that makes me think a little bit of me), Remila Scarlet (charisma, her musical theme), Flandre Scarlet (for her intriguing personality and her story), follow other characters I like, like Jo'on Yorigami, Alice Margatroid, Toyosatomimi no Miko, Patchouli Knowledge, Mima, Byakuren Hijiri, Shinmyoumaru Sukuna, Fujiwara no Mokou, and etc ...

And regarding the musical themes, I am a big fan of U.N. Owen was Her, Septette for the Dead Princess, Love Colored ~ Master Spark, or Kobito of the Shining Needle ~ Little Princess and Faraway Travel of 380000 Kilometers. But my favorite is Shoutoku Legend ~ True Administrator

Since the time I know Touhou Project, as much to tell you that I therefore begin to know a lot about the Land of Illusions (Gensôkyô) ^^ "

And if not, what else about me ...

I must believe that I am able to handle Touhou-Online and that is what occupies me the most. Otherwise, I do not know how to draw, program, and just making s**t with sound effects currently, although I would like to compose and/or mix.
Otherwise I like some Electro, Progressive Metal, Drum & Bass music and sometimes I listen to more relaxing ones like Jazz or Classical. Ah yes ... sometimes I also listen to "YTPMV", it's fun sometimes :)

Otherwise, I am also passionate about Japanese culture in general, I practice cosplay, I also like computers, and cars (yes, I have my car and I know how to drive)

My status allows me to move quite widely to conventions, both in Belgium and throughout France. I also had the opportunity to visit Canada and will probably come back later!

Something else? A photo of me for example? Or a comment?

Well, I guess there are a lot of people who know me, but that's who I am ^^. Here is finally one to conclude my presentation.


I hope you enjoyed reading and thank the people who recognize and support my community. As for me, I wish you a pleasant day.

~ NightLunya


Saludos !
Soy NightLunya, administrador global y fundador de Touhou-Online.
También estoy a la cabeza de HakureiCon y Touhou Patch Center.

Me presento para presentar quién soy, primero para conocer a los miembros de su comunidad, por supuesto, pero también porque estamos en asociación con Bunbunmaru Foros desde hace mucho tiempo. Cuando escuché que el foro había sido reconstruido, me presento nuevamente (y boi ... mi vieja presentación es muy antigua ahora)

Mi función principal en Touhou-Online es supervisar y mantener el sitio y la comunidad. Soy el gerente superior y el líder. Me aseguro de esbozar mi comunidad y sus proyectos. También administro la asociación (NPO), que me ocupo de su tesorería, proyectos extendidos como HakureiCon o ThPatch, así como la representación de la comunidad en convenciones, festividades o en relación con otras entidades.

Si tiene alguna pregunta, contácteme por mensaje privado o pregúnteles en esta presentación.

Me presento. Aquí está mi perfil en el esquema.

Mi nombre es Xavier en la vida, pero a menudo me llaman por mi propio apodo.

Mi nombre de usuario es NightLunya. Compuesto de "Night" que significa "Noche", y "Lunya" proviene de una deformación estilizada de "Luna". Todo porque me gusta la luna llena.

Soy un joven de 25 años.

Me gradué como técnico en computación e imagen digital, y obtuve una certificación parcial en diseño orientado a webmasters. Con eso, soy bastante autodidacta y aprendo mucho de mí mismo. Y desde hace 6 años, administro Touhou-Online. También administro Touhou Patch Center y el proyecto HakureiCon.
Además de Touhou-Online, trabajo en TI en parques de computadoras, problemas de red o de computadoras.

Estoy ubicado en Bélgica, en la parte francesa del país.

Antes de haber fundado Touhou-Online, fundé 2 comunidades en WarRock y Ogame, que se han disuelto desde entonces. También tuve un poco de "modding" cuando toqué los efectos de sonido, y así es como empecé a aprender el mundo de desarrollo web.

En general, yo y Touhou ... cómo es

Mi pasión por Touhou Project comenzó alrededor de octubre de 2010. Fue durante mi navegación en YouTube que encontré un video misterioso llamado "McRoll". Estaba experimentando con un filtro anti-voz, así que por coincidencia pude escuchar la música con las voces apagadas. Interesado en la música, miré en los comentarios, y luego aprendí sobre lo que pensaba en ese momento, una banda de música japonesa.

Unos minutos más tarde, estaba viendo una repetición de Touhou Extra Stage 6 ~ Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, con el tema "UN Owen was Her" y Flandre Scarlet como personaje, cuyo encanto aprecié rápidamente (antes de aprender más sobre ella) . Aprendí sobre internet y al día siguiente descargué los juegos.

Estaba muy inspirado por este juego y me permitió darme una mano para mi trabajo de graduación. Así que me registré por primera vez en un foro de habla francesa que no mencionaré. Después de algunos conflictos en este foro, decidí crear mi propio sitio, Touhou-Online, y luego fusionar algunas microcomunidades antiguas para lanzar el sitio. ¡Y así comenzó la gran aventura!

Jugué mucho en ese momento, especialmente en Touhou 6, 7 y 8 ... en el momento en que logré terminar Touhou 6 en 1 crédito continúo en dificultad normal. Pero desde entonces, juego solo excepcionalmente. Disfruto especialmente Touhou Project con su historia, su universo, su inspiración en el folclore japonés, su diversidad de personajes, y especialmente su música.

Mis personajes favoritos son Tenshi Hinanawi (me gusta su personalidad un tanto especial y su atuendo), Marisa Kirisame (igual, me gusta su atuendo y su personalidad empapada que me hace pensar un poco de mí), Remila Scarlet (carisma, su tema musical), Flandre Scarlet (por su intrigante personalidad y su historia), sigue a otros personajes que me gustan, como Jo'on Yorigami, Alice Margatroid, Toyosatomimi no Miko, Conocimiento de pachuli, Mima, Byakuren Hijiri, Shinmyoumaru Sukuna, Fujiwara no Mokou , y etc ...

Y en cuanto a los temas musicales, soy un gran fan de U.N. Owen was Her, Septette of the Dead Princess, Love Colored ~ Master Spark, o Kobito of the Shining Needle ~ Little Princess y Faraway Travel of 380000 Kilometers. Pero mi favorito es Shoutoku Legend ~ True Administrator

Desde el momento en que conozco el Proyecto Touhou, tanto para decirte que por lo tanto, empiezo a saber mucho sobre la Tierra de las Ilusiones (Gensôkyô) ^^ "

Y si no, ¿qué más hay acerca de mí ...

Debo creer que soy capaz de manejar Touhou-Online y eso es lo que más me ocupa. De lo contrario, no sé cómo dibujar, programar y simplemente hacer s**t con efectos de sonido actualmente, aunque me gustaría componer y/o mezclar.
De lo contrario, me gusta la música Electro, Progressive Metal, Drum & Bass y algunas veces escucho canciones más relajadas como Jazz o Classical. Ah sí ... a veces también escucho "YTPMV", a veces es divertido :)

De lo contrario, también me apasiona la cultura japonesa en general, practico cosplay, también me gustan las computadoras y los autos (sí, tengo mi automóvil y sé conducir)

Mi estado me permite moverme bastante a las convenciones, tanto en Bélgica como en toda Francia. ¡También tuve la oportunidad de visitar Canadá y probablemente regrese más tarde!

¿Algo más? Una foto mía, por ejemplo? O un comentario?

Bueno, creo que hay muchas personas que me conocen, pero eso es lo que soy ^^. Aquí está finalmente uno para concluir mi presentación.

(Mira en la parte inglesa)

Espero que hayan disfrutado de leer y agradecer a las personas que reconocen y apoyan a mi comunidad. En cuanto a mí, te deseo un día agradable.

Administrador global de Touhou-Online, en asociación con Bunbunmaru Foros

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Re: NightLunya de Touhou-Online viene a presentarse

Mensaje por Orobas » Jue Mar 22, 2018 3:00 am

that's....a really completed presentation, it's beautiful. :yuko:

Welcome...again, to chunchunmaru. :wink:

I find it funny how a lot of people found touhou thanks to mcroll~

And all the cosplays are nice, i like the second one especially....i don't know why.

I wish i could give you a long presentation too, but i'm not capable to do that, and my english is still not perfect. :remi:

But i wish you enjoy your stay here! and i f you have any questions feel free to ask!

Have a good morning or night. :yay:

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Re: NightLunya de Touhou-Online viene a presentarse

Mensaje por RedStorm » Jue Mar 22, 2018 3:07 am

Hello~ Welcome to Chunchunmaru~

Thanks for keeping an eye in our spanish community! Hope you find something cool!

God, I lov your cosplays! I like Marisa the most! Hope to see you more often!

(Imagen Perhaps you do not remember me, but I was the one that years ago invited you to Bunbunmaru)
La primera palabra que se me ocurrió fue sueño, mientras dormía.
Se lleva con cuidado la oscuridad de mi corazón.
La segunda palabra fue viento, al que le pido me muestre el camino.
Extiendo mis alas para alcanzar a Dios.
Como si contaran las penas del pasado
las manzanas doradas caen una tras otra.

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Re: NightLunya de Touhou-Online viene a presentarse

Mensaje por Zephyr » Jue Mar 22, 2018 4:33 am

So you're quite big in the community as a whole, even ThPatch. That's cool, I didn't think we would have someone like you around here.
Anyway, welcome, have fun, eat your vegetables, and that kind of stuff. And thanks for making us feel like we're taken in mind.

Also, you wear cosplays yourself? You're a boss.

[+] spoiler
Elizabeth "Lisa" Passat: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=403

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Re: NightLunya de Touhou-Online viene a presentarse

Mensaje por Blanc » Jue Mar 22, 2018 4:51 am

So, just like many people, it seems you got MCRoll'd into this amazing community, hehe. Some people despise that video, but i believe the fandom would have changed a little (for worse maybe) if it never existed. Anyway, it's really nice to see you here; even with all the stuff you've got to do, both for your everyday work and the community you started. Just on a side note, i'm also into the computer area, working as a web developer at the moment, ever since i touched a computer i got kinda addicted to it, so being able to understand and build software for the thing i liked to much was my motivation to study computer science.

I'm looking forward to cooperate more with Touhou Online in the future, we've discussed a few times about "multi community" events, and of course Touhou Online comes to mind when talking about that. We might be a small community but there is certainly lots of interesting stuff happening here~

But, with that said, i really hope you enjoy your stay here, and even if you can't come here ofter, i'm sure various people here will be looking forward for the HakureiCon, it's really an amazing project, thanks for sharing it with us with so much detail

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Re: NightLunya de Touhou-Online viene a presentarse

Mensaje por Shadnick » Vie Abr 27, 2018 12:34 am

I have nothing to say after I read your well built Greetings Message. You even took your time to translate it for Spanish speakers. I'm freaking impressed.

I would say it's an honor to have somebody who's been moving mases and contributing to the community in such a scale as you did so far. I hope you can do nice things in this humble community, and also feel free to keep us up to date with any upcoming events or project that you need people for. We have guys here that have a wide range of abilities and for sure, one of them can help you out with a project.
We also got competitive souls here too that starves for new challenges and will be more than happy to participate on contests of whether danmaku, art, or composing music. This forum loves to get these creative creatures into battle and I wish you can get involved on this.

From my part, I should introduce myself. My nickname is Shadnick. It's a pleasure.
I'm a veteran Touhou Player who is mostly into the music and danmaku games than anything else. I've been around this fandom for almost six years and I'm not thinking at all on getting out any time soon. Probably, I will retire from danmaku games and start to get into new hobbies to contribute to this community
From the United States, but with a totally Mexican soul, I'm in freaking love on Idols and Track running.
Training for servers and network administration, but with a lot more background of electronics engineering. I love building circuits, the thing is... it's been almost ten years since I done building my last power generator, and I'm pretty afraid that I might get rusty from all this time. :facepalm:

As for today, I will personally address you with the title of "Commandant of Fan Logistics Division" (Well, I'm kinda of a fan of military stupid stuff, bro. I blame my little brother who likes to play Battlefield)

Get yourself confy in this forum... Stay frosty. :wink:
"Great job so far. Your time to go is getting closer, kid. Are you thinking on going back to your normal life, or you want to stay and take it to the next level?"